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Our mission

We are a team of IT professionals from Ukraine passionate about fostering your business by our bespoke digital solutions perfectly tuned up with accordance to your needs and expectations.

We are convinced that success is achievable once these three factors are met: good communications, a transparent development roadmap and our readiness for changes in a Client's original request.

We strive to act with our Clients as a long-term technological partner rather than a short-term service provider. Although short-term projects and narrow problem dedicated services are welcome as well.

About us

What we do

Business Analysis & Project Management
The only thing we need to start with is your general idea of what and when you would like to achieve. Our projects managers and business analysts will help you to transform your idea into an action items list with intermediate milestones and due dates, prototypes and detailed requirements breakdown to let you track how your idea comes into reality in the most transparent and easy way for you.
Software Development (Programming)
When our developers have all needed technical specification to start, implementation process is launched. A team of mark-up engineers, back-end and front-end developers, CMS engineers with a dedicated team leader will be assigned to the project. Our project manager will inform you on the progress and provide you with all needed deliverables in time.
Requirements Change Management
As mentioned, change in your original request is a common practice in real-life projects, and we are ready for this. It usually happens while you are drilling down into development process together with us or even after the end of the project. For us this means to create a robust, scalable solutions, flexible enough to meet your most relevant business needs in our dynamically changing world.
UI/UX Design and Solution Architecture
Once all business requirements are clear, it always helps to proceed with screen-by-screen prototypes and then to follow up with database design, components and units breakdown, back-end API specification. Here our UI/UX designers and solution architects are the main players, although you can communicate only with our project manager as the main contact person on the project.
Software Quality Assurance (testing, code review, etc.)
Once the implementation process is launched, our QA team starts with checking how well the solution meets your primary needs and expectations, industry standards and user behavior. This includes, but is not limited to code inspection, database testing, UI/UX testing, security/penetration testing and much more. Every time developers add any change to the code, QA team is responsible for re-checking the integrity of the solution. Also, QA team will help you to make the acceptance phase easy and clear enough by demonstrating and (if needed) by teaching you how the system works both in the most common workflows and in some rare but important business cases.
Customer Support (tier 1-4, consultancy & trainings)
After you finally goes live with your solution, the most important for you and your team is to know that we will stand by you no matter what. This is what we call a customer support. We always provide you with the warranty on our solutions and are ready to deliver our 24/7 support service such as maintenance of your production environment, fixing urgent issues and assisting in any questions you may encounter in the real-life use cases.

Our expertise in technologies

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Bootstrap Vue.js React ReactNative
PHP (Laravel)
Node.js (AdonisJs)
Front-end/Back-end communication
RESTful API WebSocket API Webhooks
Oracle Database
Bitbucket / GitHub
Docker Kubernetes
External integrations
External integrations
Google Maps Platform Facebook Business Tools Pusher Firebase Intercom Twilio Docusign Mailgun Mailchimp CryptoCompare Tranzila Cardcom ActiveTrail USwipe

Our projects

Front Office Apps
Landing pages, web portals
Customer document collaboration systems
Market places (gemstones, precious metals, cryptocurrency, investment portfolios, job ads, coupons, insurances, etc.)
Messengers and chat bots
Interactive apps for kiosks
Learning management systems
Online dating systems
Customer satisfaction trackers
Ad servers
Music inventories
Law suits managers
Back Office Apps
Restaurant food supply management systems
Enterprise inventory management systems
Restaurant table management system
Enterprise employee management systems
Content management systems
Administrator monitors


  • Bettina Brand,

    Regional Director at DVV International (Germany)

  • Shay Ittah,

    CEO at SpiralSoft (Israel)

  • Larysa Moskalenko
    Larysa Moskalenko,

    CEO at International Centre Of Non-Formal Education (Ukraine)